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Items consists of tools, consumables that can be used throught the game.

Name Description
Bounty Suit.webp Bounty Suit "Bounty hunting has never been easier or safer, thanks to your trusty bounty suit! Bounty hunting is still extremely difficult. Bounty hunting is still extremely dangerous."
Drum.webp Drum Just a drum. You can use it to make music. Well, not YOU specifically. We didn't code in any rhythm game mechanics or anything so this is just gonna take up space in your inventory. Maybe you should give it to someone?
Gallon of Alien Cum.webp Gallon of Alien Cum A jar full of alien cum that you intentionally purchased. It's heavier than you'd think. You gotta carry this around everywhere now.
Gatterall.webp Gatterrall Gatterrall is actually a pretty common fruit - most aliens don't even have a name for it. But on Gatlus it's known as the perfect on-the-go food to recharge and build back some energy. Feed it to your Gatlians in the middle of combat to skip the cooldown on their trick hole abilities.
Jetpack Reservation Card.webp Jetpack Reservation Card Sometimes you gotta get up real high. Maybe it's to look for some

cool stuff, or maybe it's to get above the enemy so you can shoot 'em in the head from a better angle. Luckily, a Jetpack can help you with both of those things and some other stuff that I can't think of

right now. Oh, crossing big gaps. That's another one!
Jetpack Suit.webp Jetpack Suit --
Omega Suit.webp Omega Suit This extra-fancy bounty hunter suit comes equipped with an

enhanced overshield. How did Gene afford this? Great question. It looks used and it has another bounty hunter's name written in permanent marker on it. And the name has been mostly scratched off. And it stinks like hell itself. I'd guess Gene stole this off an old

friend's corpse.
Human Rescue Device.webp Human Rescue Device Clugg gave you this wonderful device to help rescue humans and

send them to safety. It's helpful because otherwise you'd have to take care of a lot of humans and you don't really have time for that,

Human Haven Keycard.webp Scanning Visor You stole this from Clugg Nuggman's desk when he wasn't there. Hope you had a good reason!
Scanning Visor.webp Scanning Visor It's easy to become disoriented on a bounty mission, so don't forget to use your Scanner to get your bearings! Maybe you'll find something cool, like treasure! Or maybe you'll find some enemies you can shoot at until they're dead! Basically anything is possible with your Scanner as long as it's finding reasure or enemies!
Space Parasite.webp Space Parasite A mostly-harmless space parasite. You must have picked this up somewhere. Don't worry, it shouldn't be able to kill you.
Volleyball.webp Volleyball You can use this volleyball to play volleyball. That's what volleyballs are for! Unfortunately, bounty hunters have all sworn a holy oath to never actually play volleyball. That's canon!!!
Warp Remote.webp Warp Remote Load this remote up with a warp disc and use it to warp in any base or chunk of space with those coordinates on it. Just find a suitable location and warp away!

Bounty Proof-of-Kills

Name Description
9-Torg's Mandible.webp 9-Torg's Mandible A mandible carved from 9-Torg's corpse. Used as proof-of-kill to turn in the bounty.
Krubis' Drill.webp Krubis' Drill One of Krubis' drills, ripped straight from his corpse. What's "mine" is yours, as they say.
Douglas' Tentacle.webp Douglas' Tentacle A slimy tentacle cut from Douglas' corpse. Reeks of alcohol and betrayal.
Dr. Giblets' Giblets.webp Dr. Giblets' Giblets Look, it's Dr. Giblets' ballsack. That's what this is. Not sure why you

took this part out of everything else available but now it's just

sitting here in your inventory.
Skrendel Eye.webp Skrendel Eye An eye from one of the Skrendel Brothers. An eye for an eye for an eye for an evil alien crime syndicate enslaving your species.
Nipulon's Nipple.webp Nipulon's Nipple One of Nipulon's nipples. Did you know his name has nothing to do with the word "nipple"? It's just a coincidence that he had some.