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Upgrades improve your bounty suit and weapons.

Bounty Suit

Upgrades that improve your bounty suit.

Name Description EffectSource Price
Dodge Unit.webp Dodge Unit You can try to dodge without this thing, but it's not gonna be nearly as effective or cool. This is how the professionals dodge: with a Dodge Unit. That sort of... warps space around you in such a manner that you're able to, like... dodge fast. Lets you use dodge action Mr. Keeps' Pawnshop 1000
Durahealth Tank.webp Durahealth Tank Some bounty hunters don't want to die and that totally makes sense. If you're one of those reasonable bounty hunters, here's my idea: add more tanks so you can store more health so you can stay alive for longer. You can just keep stacking these and maybe eventually you'll have enough that you'll stop being scared of death. It would be so smart to find one million of these. Increases your health by 10 Mr. Keeps' Pawnshop, Marshall's, Valley Shop 1000
Kinetic Tank.webp Kinetic Tank Let's say you want to make your jetpack go a little higher. Can you do that?Yes, you can do that easily by just adding more Kinetic Tanks to it. This is so simple I feel crazy explaining it but more Kinetic Tanks allows your Jetpack to go higher up. The more the higher. It's so easy to understand. You don't have to be reading this, I promise. You already understand. I know it. Increases fuel storage by 10% Mr. Keeps' Pawnshop, Marshall's, Valley Shop 1000
Slide Bash Unit.webp Slide Bash Unit Eveeryone's favority thing to do is slide around and have fun, but bounty hungers aren't in it for the fun. If a bounty hunter is gonna be sliding around, the sliding better serve a purpose. With the rocket-powered Slide Bash Unit, that purpose if slamming right into baddies with the full force of a space-truck. And yes, it's fun. Lets you use slide action Mr. Keeps' Pawnshop 1400
Mag-Boots.webp Mag-Boots A lot of people thing "Mag-Boots" is short for "Magnetic Boots" because they have magnets on their soles and you can use them to walk on magnetic surfaces. Well, those people are right! That's exactly what it stands for. No twist here! Congratulations to those smart people who knew what it was short for. Lets you walk on magnetic surfaces Quest:

Bounty: Dr. Giblets

Gatterall Compartment.webp Gatterall Compartment Wanna hold more Gatterall? Come on, you KNOW those Gatlians are hungry. And they're YOUR responsibility. Let's get you a bigger pocket to hold all that Gatterall, yeah? It fits right inside your suit. It's convenient. You can hold more Gatterall and just shove it into those Gatlian mouths whenever they need it. No more running out of Gatterall for you.Increases Gatterall storage by 1 Mr. Keeps' Pawnshop 800
Jetpack Booster.webp Jetpack Booster Okay, so a regular Jetpack is cool. We all agree on that. But what if it could go faster? That would basically be insane, right? There's no way it could be done? That's what you're thinking? Well, guess what: you can do it with Jetpack Booster. Chill out and stop pretending it can't be done. Increases flying and sliding speed by ~50%(?) Mr Keeps Pawnshop after defeating the third bounty 3000


Upgrades that improve Kenny.

Name DescriptionEffectSource Price
Glob Shot.webp Glob Shot Okay, so some Gatlians have unique "trick holes" that allow them to perform incredible biological feats: Kenny's lets him launch powerful slimy Glob Shots into enemies, spinning platforms, or whatever you decide should be covered in green slime. Slime everything until Kenny runs out of energy (in which case, feed him some Gatterall) or Nickelodeon sues us (in which case, hire us some lawyers. Pay for our lawyers. Do it. Support indie gaming.) Lets you use Glob Shot skill Default -
Muscle Implant.webp Muscle Implant This implant strengthens the muscles that fire out Kenny's primary shots, powering them up a bit to deal more damage. Increases Kenny's damage Dreg Stop 1500
Kenny Reload Tract.webp Reload Tract This organ transplant shortens Kenny's internal slime tracts so he can reload faster before the next shot. Increases Kenny's reload speed Mr. Keeps' Pawnshop 1000
Glob Kidney.webp Glob Kidney A fun new organ for Kenny that lets him generate slime faster so you can get back to Glob Shots quicker with less cooldown time. This is unrelated and probably doesn't interest you, but it also helps with prostate stimulation. Decreases Glob Shot's cooldown Mr. Keeps' Pawnshop 500


Upgrades that improve Gus.

Name DescriptionEffectSource Price
Disc Shot.webp Disc Shot It's not clear how it works, but Gus can launch enormous discs made

of bone from his body. It probably hurts a lot, but it's useful to scale cliffsides or just to slice enemies in half. Make the pain count!

Lets you use Disc Shot skill Default -
Gus Pelletspleen.webp Pelletspleen Mod This extra pelletspleen adds more firepower to Gus' primary shots, giving your attacks a bigger spread. Increases Gus' damage Marshall's 1500
Gus Reload Tract.webp Reload Tract This organ transplant shortens Gus's internal slime tracts so he can reload faster before the next shot. Increases Gus' reload speed Mr. Keeps' Pawnshop 1500
Gus Ammo Sack.webp Ammo Sack With an extra ammo sac, Gus can hold a little extra firepower in the clip. You don't have time to reload - keep those blasts comin'. Increases Gus' magazine size Mr. Keeps' Pawnshop 1200
Gus Discbladder.webp Discbladder Stuff another discbladder in Gus to help him generate more discs faster and worry less about cooldown time and how painful it is for him to shoot those out of his body. Decreseas Disc Shot's cooldown Mr. Keeps' Pawnshop 800


Upgrades that improve Sweezy.

Name DescriptionEffectSource Price
Time Bubble.webp Disc Shot Sweezy's a rare type of Gatlian that can generate a specialized

bodily fluid used to slow down time. Launch out one of her time bubbles and everything it touches will be affected.

Lets you use Time Bubble skill Default -
Sweezy Spare Crystalnode.webp Spare Crystalnode With this extra crystalnode to help relax her muscles while ejecting crystals,Sweezy's fire rate will increase a bit. Increases fire rate Deep Jungle Luglox N/A
Sweezy Reload Tract.webp Reload Tract This organ transplant shortens Sweezy's internal firing tracts so she can reload faster before the next shot. Increases reload speed Mr. Keeps' Pawnshop 1000
Sweezy Ammo Sac.webp Ammo Sack Sweezy another ammo sac to hold a few more crystals - this way, the crystals never need stop piercing enemy skulls. Increases magazine capacity Mr. Keeps' Pawnshop 1000
Sweezy ChronoLiver.webp Chronoliver Chronolivers generate the internal fluids that allow Sweezy's time bubbles to slow down time, shortening the cooldown period after usage. Decreases Time Bubble's cooldown Mr. Keeps' Pawnshop 800


Upgrades that improve Creature.

Name DescriptionEffectSource Price
Birth Blast.webp Birth Blast Everyone's pretty sure Creature wasn't always able to give birth to a

bunch of tiny little blue kids, but after a bunch of unethical G3 experiments he definitely can now. Those little freaks have some latent psychic abilities that you can use to your advantage.

Lets you use Birth Blast skill Default -
Creature Superovaries.webp Superovaries These powered-up Gatlian ovaries will speed up Creature's birthing process, effectively shortening his reload time. Childbirth is a miracle, and now it's even more of a miracle. Increases reload speed Mr. Keeps' Pawnshop 1000
Creature Womb Chamber.webp Womb Chamber With an extra womb chamber, Creature can keep more kids alive at once. Each womb chamber means one more little blue kid fighting for you on the frontlines. Increases magazine capacity Mr. Keeps' Pawnshop 1200
Creature Postpartum Psycheboost.webp Postpartum Psycheboost This adds a few wrinkles to Creature's fucked-up brain to boost his psychic connection with his minion children. With this, they'll be able to get back to mind-controlling enemies a little quicker! Decreases Birth Blast's cooldown Blim City and Old Town Luglox N/A


There are no upgrades nor mods for Lezduit