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Crowd Control
Unlock by:
Visit Weapons Lab
Voice Actor:
Tim Robinson


Creature's all fucked up. Maybe he didn't start off all fucked up but the G3 did all sorts of experiments on him and now he's just extremely fucked up in every way. He doesn't even remember who he was back on Gatlus. His brain's all mush at this point. But he can give birth to lots of tiny little helpful guys who die real quick, and that's fun.


Upgrades that improve Creature.

Name DescriptionEffectSource Price
Birth Blast.webp Birth Blast Everyone's pretty sure Creature wasn't always able to give birth to a

bunch of tiny little blue kids, but after a bunch of unethical G3 experiments he definitely can now. Those little freaks have some latent psychic abilities that you can use to your advantage.

Lets you use Birth Blast skill Default -
Creature Superovaries.webp Superovaries These powered-up Gatlian ovaries will speed up Creature's birthing process, effectively shortening his reload time. Childbirth is a miracle, and now it's even more of a miracle. Increases reload speed Mr. Keeps' Pawnshop 1000
Creature Womb Chamber.webp Womb Chamber With an extra womb chamber, Creature can keep more kids alive at once. Each womb chamber means one more little blue kid fighting for you on the frontlines. Increases magazine capacity Mr. Keeps' Pawnshop 1200
Creature Postpartum Psycheboost.webp Postpartum Psycheboost This adds a few wrinkles to Creature's fucked-up brain to boost his psychic connection with his minion children. With this, they'll be able to get back to mind-controlling enemies a little quicker! Decreases Birth Blast's cooldown -- --


Mods that improve Creature.

Name Weapon Description Location Pesos
Creature Heartsap.webp Heartsap Mod With this augmentation, Creature's minion children will return to you with the gift of extra health after they get a kill. They do it because they just love you soooo much. You've been a good parent. Mr Keeps Pawnshop 1600
Creature Lamaze Launcher.webp Lamaze Launcher Mod This augmentation helps loosen Creature up a bit. With a fully-charged shot he can launch up to 3 of his lil' guys at once! Mr Keeps Pawnshop 3500
Creature Neonatal Eruption.webp Lamaze Launcher Mod Creature's kids don't live for a long time, so why not have them go out with a bang? With this augmentation, Creature's minions will explode as their lifespan ends to deal one last burst of damage to nearby enemies. - -