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Rapid Fire Pistol
Unlock by:
Complete Douglas Bounty
Voice Actor:
Betsy Sodaro


I feel like Sweezy's mad at me so I'm gonna try to only say nice things here. She's smart, strong, her crystals can pierce armor, and she can even slow down time... we're all very impressed with Sweezy. We respect Sweezy very much. She could have saved herself from Douglas if she really wanted to. She's absolutely one of the toughest Gatlians. Do NOT tell her she's not one of the toughest Gatlians.


Upgrades that improve Sweezy.

Name DescriptionEffectSource Price
Time Bubble.webp Disc Shot Sweezy's a rare type of Gatlian that can generate a specialized

bodily fluid used to slow down time. Launch out one of her time bubbles and everything it touches will be affected.

Lets you use Time Bubble skill Default -
Sweezy Spare Crystalnode.webp Spare Crystalnode With this extra crystalnode to help relax her muscles while ejecting crystals,Sweezy's fire rate will increase a bit. Increases fire rate -- --
Sweezy Reload Tract.webp Reload Tract This organ transplant shortens Sweezy's internal firing tracts so she can reload faster before the next shot. Increases reload speed Mr. Keeps' Pawnshop 1000
Sweezy Ammo Sac.webp Ammo Sack Sweezy another ammo sac to hold a few more crystals - this way, the crystals never need stop piercing enemy skulls. Increases magazine capacity Mr. Keeps' Pawnshop 1000
Sweezy ChronoLiver.webp Chronoliver Chronolivers generate the internal fluids that allow Sweezy's time bubbles to slow down time, shortening the cooldown period after usage. Decreases Time Bubble's cooldown Mr. Keeps' Pawnshop 800


Mods that improve Sweezy.

Name Weapon Description Location Pesos
Sweezy Remote Detonator.webp Remote Detonator Mod This remote-activated augmentation allows you to remotely detonate Sweezy's crystals via reloading once they're embedded in a target (without having to shoot them) for double the damage. Mr Keeps Pawnshop 1500
Sweezy Bullet Rewind.webp Bullet Rewind This time-rewinding augmentation allows Sweezy to rewind time on her crystals any

time she reloads, pulling everything you've shot right back at you for a chance to cause

more damage.
Mr Keeps Pawnshop 1500
Sweezy Summoning Portal.webp Summoning Portal Mod This space-time augmentation allows Sweezy to place a portal that auto-fires fully- charged crystals after a delay. Mr Keeps Pawnshop 1500