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Unlock by:
Gained during G3 Cartel Invasion
Voice Actor:


This is Kenny, a Gatlian! You know him. He belongs to a race of living weapons that resemble talking guns. You rescued him from the G3 cartel when they invaded your home planet. But come on, you know all this, right? I don't need to remind you. You know this. You should stop reading this.


Upgrades that improve Kenny.

Name DescriptionEffectSource Price
Glob Shot.webp Glob Shot Okay, so some Gatlians have unique "trick holes" that allow them to perform incredible biological feats: Kenny's lets him launch powerful slimy Glob Shots into enemies, spinning platforms, or whatever you decide should be covered in green slime. Slime everything until Kenny runs out of energy (in which case, feed him some Gatterall) or Nickelodeon sues us (in which case, hire us some lawyers. Pay for our lawyers. Do it. Support indie gaming.) Lets you use Glob Shot skill Default -
Muscle Implant.webp Muscle Implant This implant strengthens the muscles that fire out Kenny's primary shots, powering them up a bit to deal more damage. Increases Kenny's damage Dreg Stop 1500
Kenny Reload Tract.webp Reload Tract This organ transplant shortens Kenny's internal slime tracts so he can reload faster before the next shot. Increases Kenny's reload speed Mr. Keeps' Pawnshop 1000
Glob Kidney.webp Glob Kidney A fun new organ for Kenny that lets him generate slime faster so you can get back to Glob Shots quicker with less cooldown time. This is unrelated and probably doesn't interest you, but it also helps with prostate stimulation. Decreases Glob Shot's cooldown Mr. Keeps' Pawnshop 500


Mods that improve Kenny.

Name Weapon Description Source Pesos
Kenny BounceFlector.webp Bounceflector This augmentation coats Kenny's slime with a rubbery membrane and allows his primary shots to bounce righ off of enemies you're juggling in the air. Those ricocheted shots can hit other nearby baddies! And it removes Kenny's ability to taste anything sour, but that's not relevant for combat. Mr Keeps Pawnshop,G3 Mines Quartermasterr 1000
Kenny MultiGlob.webp Multiglob This augmentation multiplies the amount of slime Kenny can generate for his Glob Shots. You're gonna be shooting a whole barrage of Glob Shots in one go and nobody's gonna be safe from all that globby bouncin'. Dreg Stop 500
Kenny Magnum.webp Magnum This augmentation turns Kenny's aimed fire into a powerful shot that almost triples damage output at the cost of a little more ammo. If you trust your accuracy and want to punch a little harder, this might just be the mod you're looking for. --