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Unlock by:
Complete Krubis Bounty
Voice Actor:
JB Smoove


Everyone loves Gus. He's chill, he's nice. He's a living shotgun with a vacuum built in - all in the standard stuff you want out of a Gatlian. You can rely on him in close-range combat and to suck up bullets heading your way. Oh, and he can launch discs into walls or decapitate enemies with them. That really is a lot of good stuff. Aren't you glad you rescued him from Kubris?


Upgrades that improve Gus.

Name DescriptionEffectSource Price
Disc Shot.webp Disc Shot It's not clear how it works, but Gus can launch enormous discs made

of bone from his body. It probably hurts a lot, but it's useful to scale cliffsides or just to slice enemies in half. Make the pain count!

Lets you use Disc Shot skill Default -
Gus Pelletspleen.webp Pelletspleen Mod This extra pelletspleen adds more firepower to Gus' primary shots, giving your attacks a bigger spread. Increases Gus' damage Marshall's 1500
Gus Reload Tract.webp Reload Tract This organ transplant shortens Gus's internal slime tracts so he can reload faster before the next shot. Increases Gus' reload speed Mr. Keeps' Pawnshop 1500
Gus Ammo Sack.webp Ammo Sack With an extra ammo sac, Gus can hold a little extra firepower in the clip. You don't have time to reload - keep those blasts comin'. Increases Gus' magazine size Mr. Keeps' Pawnshop 1200
Gus Discbladder.webp Discbladder Stuff another discbladder in Gus to help him generate more discs faster and worry less about cooldown time and how painful it is for him to shoot those out of his body. Decreseas Disc Shot's cooldown Mr. Keeps' Pawnshop 800


Mods that improve Gus.

Name Weapon Description Source Pesos
Gus Goopsuck.webp Goopsuck This augmentation enhances Gus' vacuum ability and lets you suck the goop armor right off of G3 enemies. You won't pull them towards you anymore, but you'll steal their armor for yourself and leave them entirely defenseless. Mr Keeps Pawnshop 1500
Gus Burst Suction.webp Burst Suction Mod This augmentation gives Gus an alternate method of sucking up enemies: charge up and release to pull everything towards you in one big burst.  ??  ??
Gus Flak.webp Flak This augmentation causes Gus' bullets to explode mid-air for extra area-of-effect damage. Helpful for those hard-to-hit targets!  ??  ??