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There is an alternative dialogue language in High On Life, spoken by the local residents. Which the player comes across that language quite frequently and is surrounded by it in different forms such as posters, graffiti, ads documents and other objects. Thanks to Dmgvol deciphering, we are now able to understand this language.


The language is called Spanosh.
Or at least that’s how the font file is named, which was datamined directly from the game files.
(the lazy shortcut to deciphering)

Let’s take a look at the alphabet of that language, or font, compared to English;


So, using this basic conversion we can translate in-game text to readable English, for example:



Let’s take a look at other examples:






Nexus Mod

This mod is currently unofficial, use at your own risk. Anyone can put any code they want in the files shared (including malicious code to hack you) so be careful with what you're downloading and don't download anything that looks suspicious.

There is a whole dedicated mod. It can translate Spanosh to English.

Name Author Description Last Update
Spanosh to English dmgvol Just a silly mod that replaces the alien language font with normal English font.
Spanosh? what is that?
That's how the font name is called in the game files and probably the name of the language, or its codename at least.
2022-12-22 Nexus Mod link

- Download the SpanoshTranslated_P and extract it(the pak file) into "..\HighOnLife\Oregon\Content\Paks\".