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Mods are weapon upgrades that modifies/adds abilities of a weapon.


Name Weapon Description Source Pesos
Kenny BounceFlector.webp Bounceflector This augmentation coats Kenny's slime with a rubbery membrane and allows his primary shots to bounce righ off of enemies you're juggling in the air. Those ricocheted shots can hit other nearby baddies! And it removes Kenny's ability to taste anything sour, but that's not relevant for combat. Mr Keeps Pawnshop,G3 Mines Quartermasterr 1000
Kenny MultiGlob.webp Multiglob This augmentation multiplies the amount of slime Kenny can generate for his Glob Shots. You're gonna be shooting a whole barrage of Glob Shots in one go and nobody's gonna be safe from all that globby bouncin'. Dreg Stop 500
Kenny Magnum.webp Magnum This augmentation turns Kenny's aimed fire into a powerful shot that almost triples damage output at the cost of a little more ammo. If you trust your accuracy and want to punch a little harder, this might just be the mod you're looking for. Upper Valley Luglox N/A


Name Weapon Description Source Pesos
Stagger.webp Stagger This upgrade will allow Knifey to stagger enemies more often. Big Deal Emporium in Dreg Town 1000


Name Weapon Description Source Pesos
Gus Goopsuck.webp Goopsuck This augmentation enhances Gus' vacuum ability and lets you suck the goop armor right off of G3 enemies. You won't pull them towards you anymore, but you'll steal their armor for yourself and leave them entirely defenseless. Mr Keeps Pawnshop 1500
Gus Burst Suction.webp Burst Suction This augmentation gives Gus an alternate method of sucking up enemies: charge up and release to pull everything towards you in one big burst. Blim City Luglox N/A
Gus Flak.webp Flak This augmentation causes Gus' bullets to explode mid-air for extra area-of-effect damage. Helpful for those hard-to-hit targets! Upper Valley Luglox N/A


Name Weapon Description Location Pesos
Sweezy Remote Detonator.webp Remote Detonator This remote-activated augmentation allows you to remotely detonate Sweezy's crystals via reloading once they're embedded in a target (without having to shoot them) for double the damage. Mr Keeps Pawnshop 1500
Sweezy Bullet Rewind.webp Bullet Rewind This time-rewinding augmentation allows Sweezy to rewind time on her crystals any

time she reloads, pulling everything you've shot right back at you for a chance to cause

more damage.
Mr Keeps Pawnshop 1500
Sweezy Summoning Portal.webp Summoning Portal This space-time augmentation allows Sweezy to place a portal that auto-fires fully- charged crystals after a delay. Mr Keeps Pawnshop 1500


Name Weapon Description Location Pesos
Creature Heartsap.webp Heartsap With this augmentation, Creature's minion children will return to you with the gift of extra health after they get a kill. They do it because they just love you soooo much. You've been a good parent. Mr Keeps Pawnshop 1600
Creature Lamaze Launcher.webp Lamaze Launcher This augmentation helps loosen Creature up a bit. With a fully-charged shot he can launch up to 3 of his lil' guys at once! Mr Keeps Pawnshop 3500
Creature Neonatal Eruption.webp Neonatal Eruption Creature's kids don't live for a long time, so why not have them go out with a bang? With this augmentation, Creature's minions will explode as their lifespan ends to deal one last burst of damage to nearby enemies. Upper Valley Luglox N/A